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Egg- cellent Science Camp

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4 - 10 years old


Curiosity Kids STEM Holiday Camp is a great way to introduce science concepts to your child in a fun and engaging manner. Every day throughout the week will be a new topic so you can sign up for 1 , 2, 3 4 or all 5 days, making it a truly flexible course to suit your child's schedule. This camp is a perfect balance of learning while having loads of fun. Children will have to make and take items to return home and continue learning. All experiments are hands-on and age-appropriate

Day 1: Introduction to Chemistry Lab - Try new and exciting experiments in Curiosity Kids Chemistry Lab with Lab goggles, Lab coats, Test tubes etc.

Day 2: Explore the concept of FORCE as children will make and take their own Kaleidoscope & Catapult.

Day 3: Simple Machines - Learn how simple machines work as you design some models yourself.

Day 4 Learn about how wind speed is measured as you design and make your own Anemometer.

Day 5: Learn about Gravity & Friction as you design and make your own Marble Run. Children will take the Marble Run home to play with it even after the camp

Learning Objectives:

1. Introduction and exploration of Concepts of Science

2. Hands on experrments for effective learning and developing fine motor skills for the young participants

3.Understand and apply the concepts of science

4. Develop creativity and critical thinking as some projects will need to think out of the box

5.Foster curiosity

6. Sharing their observation with thier peers

Every day for 2 hour this camp will be packed with exciting activities based on the topic of the day . The structure of everyday camp will be as follows :

- Introduction to the concept

- Explanation of the experiment

- Design & Execution of the experiment

- Worksheet/activity related to the experiment for better understanding

- Quiz ( dependent on time) - Sharing of observation and wrap up

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