Agora Student Care

Agora Student Care: Where homework becomes a fun habit, projects ignite creativity, and friendships flourish through playful connections. Join us for an exciting learning journey today!

The Agora Difference

Agora Student Care provides a safe and supportive environment that extends your child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development beyond the classroom.

Self-directed learners

Using the Cue-Action-Reward habit loop to teach children to initiate, prepare and complete tasks on their own, we establish lifetime habits to develop their intrinsic motivation to take on challenges.

Best-in-class education providers

Working with best-in-class education providers, we help create a personalised programme for your child's needs.

Technology supported learning journeys

With digital tools to help measure homework progress and capture behavioural insights, we provide you with regular reports so you can track progress on your child's growth.

No hidden fees & parent friendly terms

No registration fee, no materials fee, just one monthly payment with optional transport and tuition or enrichment add-ons.


The Teaching Space

Rooms that are designed specifically for the needs of children that can be reconfigured and combined.

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Successful, accomplished and happy children

Self-directed learners

To be successful in life it is important to initiate and complete tasks and duties without needing to be reminded.
We use the Cue-Action-Reward habit loop to teach children to initiate, prepare and complete homework on their own.

Health & wellbeing

Children who are physically active have better health, cognitive function, and interpersonal outcomes.
Every day we organise indoor and outdoor individual and group sports activities to develop stamina, gross and fine motor skills, as well as interpersonal skills.

Curiosity & growth mindset

Creativity and research skills, coupled with teamwork, are important for success in the future.
We encourage children to pursue collaborative projects to learn to be resourceful, communicate, compromise, and resolve conflicts, and become creative problem solvers.

Autonomy & connection

Some of the most important aspects of growing up is learning how to make choices, and living by them, and building and maintaining connections with others.
We teach children how to think and act by themselves, as well as interpersonal skills to communicate more effectively and better express their needs and wants.

Better understand your child

We incorporate homework and revision materials that are customised to your child’s learning needs and can help them keep pace with the school curriculum. We work with sophisticated EdTech partners to provide these resources to track your child’s academic progress and keep you informed at all times.

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Amazing venue, big spaces and nurturing teachers. Late pick-up and transportation arrangements are a plus! My child is happy and we've seen significant changes in his confidence. Teachers here update us regularly. The school's vibe is relaxing and very welcoming. The curriculum and values are holistic and well-thought out, catered to my child's needs as he grows.

Kelly Lim


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Book a visit to our HarbourFront centre for a full tour and a one-on-one consultation on your student care needs.

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HarbourFront Centre, 1 Maritime Square

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