Frequently asked questions

Pedagogy, curriculum

Can you please share what children will be doing each week in your different sessions, outside of homework times? How will this help support my child?

Each week we tackle a different theme - “What we eat”, “Mammals”, “Professions”. We start by researching, under the teacher’s guidance, the sub-topic of the day - “What are “healthy” foods?” - to gain a better understanding, learn how to find and evaluate information, and articulate our thoughts. We then express and synthesise our newly-acquired knowledge through a variety of applied arts and crafts - drawing, painting, model-making - creatively.

How do you help children become self directed learners

We use the Cue-Action-Reward habit loop to teach children to initiate, prepare and complete homework on their own. We teach them self-discipline and build up their intrinsic motivation to take on challenges

How do you help children with their social and emotional development?

Learning how to build and maintain connections with others are some of the most important aspects of growing into a successful young adult. We help children navigate the process as well as create the space for them to development social and emotional capabilities that we observe and reinforce.

Do you have Chinese homework support?

We will ensure homework is completed and introduce education technology-supported practice worksheets.

Does your academic practice sessions include mandarin?

Both YouLe and EduGrove offers Mandarin lessons and practice sessions.

Do you teach?

We do not teach as we are not a tuition centre. We will check for completion but not accuracy of homework. It is also an MOE directive that we do not teach as the school may have different ways or methods for certain subjects?

Can you help correct my child’s homework?

We will get your child to circle the questions that they are unsure off. We do not correct homework as it needs to reflect the true understanding of your child.

How does mixed-age teaching work for Agora Student Care

We have mixed-age groups only for non-academic activities - homework and practice is split into age-appropriate groupings. We have mixed-age groups as part of our pedagogy for the remaining activities because they are some of the most effective implicit-learning tools. Children learn by:

  • Observation: learning to copy, follow others [Social Learning]
  • Repeating actions: success is met with rewards [Behavioural Learning / the CAR approach]
  • Making/constructing meaning: making sense of matters, recognising values, having “aha” moments. [Cognition and Constructivism]

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our teachers go through a stringent selection process. They have experience with children and usually have previous work experience in a student care setting. We conduct regular internal trainings for our staff.


How do you manage food allergies?

We are not allergen-free but please report any food intolerances and mild allergies in our health questionnaire.

Do you offer evening meals/dinner?

We can provide evening meals on an individual basis at S$8 per meal. Do let us know at least one day before if this is something you require.

How do you verify who is allowed to pick up my child?

Every authorised person (parent or guardian) must be registered in our system. We will perform identity checks with persons that are not known to us or recognised by a child.

What happens if I am running late, past 8pm?

Please call us at +65 6252 5585. We will work with you and do our best to accommodate in an emergency. Conversely please be mindful of staff who must return to their families at the end of a long day!

Can my child attend just 1/2/3/4 days per week?

We offer a 3-day programme as an alternative to full week.

Can we change from a 5 day programme to a 3 day programme?

Yes, absolutely. Do note that a one month notice period is required for the change.

What happen to Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day? Do you still open as per usual?

Agora Student Care will be closed on Teacher’s Day & Children Day. Student care centres are allowed to close for up to 6 days in a year, as well as for half a day on the eve of up to 3 public holidays. A centre closure calendar will be given to parents by mid Nov
Agora will however run Children Day and Teacher’s Day parties for the wider community on those dates and we welcome all children to join in the fun! There is a separate fee for these parties.

What does my child need to bring to Student Care?

Bring a thin pullover/ jacket
It is not possible to adjust classroom aircon individually. The average indoor temperature is 22.5C but it can vary a little - by up to a degree. In addition, children’s bodies, and sense of hot and cold do vary. So we encourage children to bring a jacket or a hoodie to wear in class if they feel the need. These can be left overnight at Agora, and brought home weekly to wash.

Pricing and payments process

Do you have sibling discounts?

Siblings benefit from S$50 off of monthly dues (second child and on). Only applicable on full price.

What is your payment schedule and are there any deposits or hidden fees?

We deduct payment on the first of the month prior to the month enrolled. i.e. we deduct payment on the 1st March for April’s fees.

We thought about the payment schedule extensively and weighed up a number of factors before deciding on this particular payment schedule.

When we initially surveyed parents, they expressed frustration at deposits being taken, extra materials fees and other hidden costs. Looking around at the marketplace, we noted that payments were also taken up to 2 weeks in advance of the start of the month.

We aimed to simplify all of that. So instead of paying, for example,  S$489 as a deposit, adding on materials charges etc, and then charging S$489 say on 14th February for enrolment in March, we set payment on the 1st of the prior month. This allows us to have better visibility on resourcing, planning and staffing, without having to take deposits.

We do not take deposits in the traditional sense nor are their materials fees or other charges for the likes of meals.

Do you offer student care to public during school holidays?

Yes. We are able to accommodate non Student Care students over holiday periods. You are able to drop of your child as early as 7.30am to 8pm and meals are included (breakfast, lunch and tea). Please contact us for more information on available packages

Other questions

Can you accommodate students with special needs?

Please contact us so that we can evaluate the situation on an individual basis.

Does Agora has program in which external teachers comes in to provide behavioural management for the students?

Our Student Care programme focuses on life skills, including teaching children self regulation and social skills. Perhaps give him some time to get familiar with our environment and our approach. If in future you feel he would need specialised attention or coaching we’ll be happy to put you in touch with qualified specialists - child psychologists and education coaches.

What do the children do to cool down after outdoor play?

It’s a busy day, with minimum down time! So right after sports, teachers engage children in a variety of cool-down and recovery activities. These include group calisthenics - exercises that rely just on body weight and allow for the development of flexibility, and coordination - meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises - to calm down and feel more relaxed. Some of the more impatient students may initially find it unexciting but soon they realise that it helps develop self-regulation, patience, focus and attention, and results in better performance and wellbeing.

The day at Agora Student Care ends with quiet, self-directed activities, such as indoor games, puzzles, board games, discussing, and reading. It’s a good way to end the day on a relaxed, happy note!

Can SC children borrow books from the library?

We encourage reading. With a 6,000-book library there’s plenty to choose from. We set reading goals, such as reading a certain number of pages or chapters each day. It helps students manage their time and ensure that they finish reading the book on time. When they are not done reading a book, they hand it to their teacher for safekeeping until the next day. We will create a “Borrowed Items” box in each class.