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3G Abacus

Established in 2013, UE 3G Abacus is the headquarter for 3G Abacus Mental-Arithmetic Course. It is niched in providing all aspects for 3G Abacus teaching and learning, both is Singapore and Worldwide. 3G Abacus is one of the leading Abacus Mental-Arithmetic brands, which trains students on calculation accuracy, calculation speed and work concentration. Being in the market since 2005, 3G Abacus has developed its unique syllabus which caters to individual’s learning strength. Through its simplified abacus techniques, it helps students to relate better to the Mathematics they learn in school, and allows students to pick up the technique of abacus faster. It makes Abacus Mental-Arithmetic easier for children to learn and understand, reducing the time taken to go into mental calculation. UE 3G Abacus regularly organises Grading Examinations and Competitions for students to ascertain their learning proficiency, and to encourage mastery of this subject. Our Mission & Vision is to ‘Educate and bring the best out of each student in Abacus and Mental-Arithmetic’ and to ‘Reach out to each and every student in Singapore and globally to equip them with knowledge of 3G Abacus.’
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