Agora Preschool

Why put your child through a cookie cutter curriculum? Your child gets a personalised learning journey with Agora Preschool.

The Agora Difference

We believe that children need the freedom and opportunity to explore, at their own pace, piqued by their imagination and interest. Our facilitators deliver a thoughtfully-designed, flexible learning experience tailored to meet their needs.

Personalised learning

By getting to know each child, our teachers tailor their lessons and planning to accommodate different paces and learning styles to ensure that every child is supported.


Exploration plays a key role in developing curious learners. Our broad curriculum combines the best of different pedagogies, and builds on them.

A uniquely-designed space

A uniquely-designed space to support learning, with open areas, natural daylight, lovely outdoor spaces, and activity studios.

Observation and evidence based assessment

We use observation and evidence based assessment, as a means to truly know and understand where each child is in their educational journey, be that academically, or socio-emotionally.

Amazing location for Early Learners


The Library

5,000 book library with areas for quiet reading time and a netted mezzanine

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Fostering a readiness and eagerness to learn.


Through a phonological programme designed in bitesized and connected chunks, we enable your child to make rapid progress, building in an intrinsic reward for learning.


We develop your child’s numeracy competence through both independent and group practice stations, that are hands-on and interactive, contributing to long tern retention of numeracy skills.

Self-regulation, resilience, and self-confidence.

We foster your child’s emotional development through giving them a sense of belonging, and autonomy; critical to a child's wellbeing.

Updating you on your childs progress

We update parents with weekly highlights specific to your child, a fortnightly newsletter covering the class progress and a monthly review of learning objects and your child’s progress towards them.

Social & emotional development

Learning how to build and maintain connections with others are some of the most important aspects of growing into a successful young adult. We help children navigate the process as well as create the space for them to development social and emotional capabilities that we observe and reinforce.

Our programme is developed with these holistic aspects in mind. Our underlying principals are focused on development of our social and emotional skills; Personal Effectiveness, Empathy, Being, Values/ Virtues. We believe that Every Child Matters and it is important to develop the child as a whole rather than focus on specific skills.

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What happens if I am running late picking up my child?

How do you verify who is allowed to pick up my child?

Agora staff are very experienced with children. Claire brought years of experience to the conversation when I had concerns about my toddler’s development, she listened to my concerns and gave me some reassuring advice. Highly recommend her guidance and wisdom.

Sophie & Hugo

Book a trial

Book a trial session at our HarbourFront Centre to fully understand the programme and how it works. Please fill the form in and one of our staff will contact you to arrange it.

Centre address

HarbourFront Centre, 1 Maritime Square

#04-01 Lobby C, 099253

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+65 6252 5585