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Chess at Three Singapore

Chess at Three is a premier games club for kids from New York City. It launched in Singapore in August 2023. Founded in 2011, we have taught more than 30,000 students, across more than 600 school partners, including Avenues The World School and The Washington Market School in New York City, and United World College, Dulwich College, Etonhouse and XCL Academy in Singapore. 1. Chess at Three is our signature, award-winning program for ages 3 to 8. Children will fall in love with chess – the world’s most popular strategy game – by learning through our story-based curriculum, designed to captivate young minds. By following a cast of quirky, memorable characters through Chesslandia, students swiftly become successful chess players while developing critical thinking, strategy and problem-solving schools. 2. Birchguard Quest is an original, collaboration role-playing class, for ages 5 to 11. Led by an expert facilitator, children work together to create characters, solve puzzles, outwit opponents, and complete missions on an epic journey. 3. Bea and Bop’s Playgroup is not only full of multi-sensory fun but it is designed to support holistic early years development and provide caregivers with ideas and activities for engaging with your child throughout the week.
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