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Explorer Junior

Explorer Junior is an impact-driven education set up that creates positive spaces & opportunities for 5 to 12 years old children from different socio-economic backgrounds to explore beyond classrooms and build meaningful experiences together. Our team designs and delivers STEAM and Digital Literacy afterschool enrichment programs that aim to build life-long competencies that will help our explorers navigate through their lives beyond academic years. We believe in nurturing our students to be changemakers of our society - problem solvers, designers and makers who will leave a positive impact with their knowledge and competencies. With a problem-based curriculum, we get our students to embark on projects that are anchored on social or environmental issues they are familiar with and get them to develop creative solutions. Explorer Junior was incubated at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Enterprise in 2014 and have received globally recognized accolades such as STEAMEX Gold Awards Winner in 2020 and Accreditation in 2022.
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