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Instic Academy

Instic is more than a tuition partner. It is a collection of originals that have merged together, under one roof. Bound in purpose. Cemented by a promise. To one another, and to each of our students. To create moments that matter. And, to never, ever stop learning. Hi. I’m Chris Rogers, Co-Founder onSponge, Oodles Learning and the thinkingMath resources. Together with Samantha & Shimin we have developed Instic Academy and CAIRE (TM) to introduce an enhanced way of after school learning, the Next Generation of Learning, in a fun and challenging way. While traditional math and science classes, online and in person, are instrumental to our Learning Centres, Instic leverages the intelligent use of technology to develop innovative learning modules and personalised educational pathways. Though this, Instic Academy provides a holistic approaching to learning whist incorporating 21st century skills such as coding and robotics to complement Math and Science - together STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Math] We are delighted to be a part of the Agora Colearning family and welcome you to join our Math & Science trial classes for P3 to S4. Summary of courses offered • Math P3 to S4, IP S3/S4 • Science P3 to P6 • STEM P2/P3 In the meantime, feel free to go through the timing we offer at Agora Colearning and arrange a trial session for your children!
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