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Little Forest

Little Forest is an enrichment center offering play-based, child-led learning programmes for children 6 months to 6 years old. Here at Little Forest, we focus on the creative learning process of our little ones through artistic activities like dance, drama, music, sports and culinary classes based on the Constructivism theory. All children are capable of being creative, some may not have discovered their creative potential but with guidance from our Creative Educators, their potential can be limitless. Our playgroups programmes offer a balance of indoor and outdoor play which focus on the holistic development of our infants and young toddlers by combining various elements from music, to movement and sensory play through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning approaches which are vital to their psychomotor, speech, social and emotional development. Immerse yourselves in our signature programmes conducted in English (Mini Troopers and Super Troopers) or Mandarin (Mini Mandarin and Super Mandarin) at Agora Co-Learning Centre today.
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