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Little Skoolz

Little Skoolz is a STEAM-based Education & Enrichment Institution. We believe in providing education for all children in a funtastic and unique way that gently nurtures them in an encouraging, hands-on and safe environment through our 3 highly exclusive, identifiable, and popular brands in our portfolio namely Little Banking School, Little Medical School and Little Olympian School. Little Banking School whose curriculum is developed by bankers and fund managers focuses on Numeracy, Entrepreneurship Financial Literacy, and all Core Lifeskills. Little Medical School is the world's only Medical School for children from the United States. The highly specialized curriculum is developed by Medical Professionals from the United States with an intention to inspire children toward future healthcare careers. Little Olympian School is a multi-sports program that mentors children's motor skills, teamwork, and mental development. From floorball to badminton, we have it all.
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