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Math Mavens

Established in 2013, Math Mavens is a premium learning centre with a sole focus on Primary Mathematics education. The core to our mission is to ignite the passion for learning Mathematics in our students and to help them achieve their highest potential, taught by full-time, NIE-trained teachers. Lessons at Math Mavens not only prepare our students well for school examinations, they comprise activities and exercises that promote: • Analytical, Critical and Logical Thinking • Application of Heuristics and Problem-Solving Skills • Better Understanding of Mathematical Concepts • Greater Appreciation for Mathematics and its Functionality in the Real World Using Math Mavens' proprietary ROAR problem solving process, our students will be taught to: • Recognise the Big Idea behind each problem sum • Organise the information given using uniquely designed methods • Act on the organised information to solve the problem sum • Review the answer for reasonableness and accuracy In this learning journey with Math Mavens, our students will be well-equipped with a set of effective, efficient and elegant problem-solving strategies which they can apply confidently when approaching Mathematics questions.
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