Agora Playschool

Agora Playschool is a programme for children aged 6 months to 3 years old. It offers a complete sensory and educational experience for infants and toddlers, and prepares them for preschool.

About Agora Playschool

Agora Playschool builds on preeminent early childhood methodologies to develop in children a strong sense of self, and build a love for learning through play and exploration.

We believe that children need the freedom and opportunity to explore, at their own pace, piqued by their imagination and interest. Our facilitators deliver a thoughtfully-designed, flexible learning experience tailored to meet their, and their parents, needs.

Learning is not focused solely on the external elements - things that we learn to do - but also on the internalised elements that help mould children into well-rounded, resilient and adaptable individuals with true values, empathy and respect for others.

  • Children interact with other children across a range of ages, helping them develop social skills, communication skills and friendships.

  • The Agora space is uniquely designed to support learning and play, with open areas, natural daylight, lovely outdoor spaces, a baby gym as well as activity studios.

  • During our sessions, we provide parents with expert support and guidance, creating an environment where they can comfortably navigate challenges, gain insights, and develop effective strategies for fostering their child’s growth and development.


Parents are welcome to enjoy spaces for coffee, work and socialisation. They can use any of the shared spaces, including the makerspace, the reception area, and the library. Alternatively they can opt to stay closer to children, in the playspace or on the terrace.

We offer a highly flexible programme. You may join for one to five days a week, and between 2-hour sessions from 8:15am to 10:15am, and from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Or 4-hour sessions daily.

Book a trial

Book a trial session at our HarbourFront Centre to fully understand the programme and how it works. Please fill the form in and one of our staff will contact you to arrange it.

Centre address

HarbourFront Centre, 1 Maritime Square

#04-01 Lobby C, 099253

Phone number
+65 6252 5585