An inclusive approach to Early Years Education

The perfect blend of pedagogy to allow for complete experience; from developing values and empathy to sensory & messy play

The Agora Early Years programme is a play-based foundation to learning. We help children grow as whole persons, develop curiosity, and strive in the world around them.

A foundational programme helping a child to become a whole person:

Foundational domains:

  • Cognition [e.g. readiness to learn, knowledge of things, reasoning, reflection, problem-solving, meta-cognition]
  • Values / Virtues [sharing, turn taking, respect, responsibility]
  • Inquiry [exploration, curiosity, creativity, thoughtful risk taking, challenge orientation]
  • Empathy [theory of mind, social and emotional intelligence, care, compassion]
  • Personal effectiveness [physical capabilities, self-regulation, courtesy, resilience, self-confidence, integration]
  • Being [emotional development, belonging, autonomy]

Curriculum [each of the learning outcomes maps towards the 6 foundational domains]:

  • gross motor skills
  • fine motor skills
  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • creativity
  • performance
  • sensory & messy play
  • social and emotional skills
  • knowledge of things
  • knowledge of self

Unit themes

  • Who am I? What do I look like? & What can I do?
  • My favourite food, and My favourite place
  • Who are my family members [roles of each member]
  • My family tree
  • My home
  • Types of homes
  • Homes around the world
  • Friends and me, Where to find friends and How to make friends
  • How do I feel?
  • How do others feel?
  • How do we interact with others?
  • Ways to be kind
  • My duties & responsibilities

A child-centred approach

Personalised: each child is different and will have a different learning journey
We nurture children, making them feel welcome, safe and encouraged.

A programme that is inclusive of the parent

Parent guidance:

  • we develop a parent’s understanding of their child’s developmental goals and processes
  • we explore how to build a foundation for their child’s development

Parent wellbeing:

  • community, social circle
  • “me” time, coworking space
  • additional parent-child and parent-alone programmes (yoga, dance/Zumba, doula, counselling, child first aid, etc)
  • flexibility
  • guilt-free drop-off

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Book a trial session at our HarbourFront Centre to fully understand the programme and how it works. Please fill the form in and one of our staff will contact you to arrange it.

Centre address

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Phone number
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